Please Read our COVID Dining Rules Below!

**COVID Dining Rules**

Thank you so much for your understanding and for following these rules! We are deeply sorry if they are an inconvenience to you
  • Unvaccinated patrons must wear masks at all times except for when seated at their table!
  • Please wear a face mask that covers your mouth and nose, until your food or drinks are served and after finishing them.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands.
  • Please stay home if you are not feeling well or have been been around anybody exposed to or diagnosed with COVID! Thank you.
  • Table Time Limits (we are sorry, but we are at limited seating capacity!):
    • Only Drinks/Pastries: 30 Minutes​
    • Party of 1: 30 Minutes
    • Party of 2: 1 Hour
    • Party of 4+: 1.5 Hours​
  • Thank you for helping protect the health of our staff and your fellow customers!