Sweet Butter Construction Begins!


Usually the sight of these ugly trash bins make me cringe. But the sight of this particular one makes me smile! It means construction has officially begun at Sweet Butter. This is a photo of our parking lot, which will be beautified with trees…which are not only lovely to look at, but will certainly help shade your car from the heat while you are lounging in our patio drinking fresh squeezed pink lemonade. (pink from just a dash of Pomegranate juice.)


Sweet Butter Patio

Sweet Butter’s patio will be sandwiched (food is always on my mind) between the Marketplace and Kitchen. We encourage our customers to peek in our window and watch us icing layer cakes, seasoning roasting chickens or whisking a Dijon aioli to slather on our Croque Monsieur.


Sweet Butter Marketplace


Sweet Butter Kitchen

We had hoped for an early September opening, but it looks like our wrought iron patio doors won’t be open until mid-October. Think just-out-of-the-oven Pumpkin Spice muffins to go with your Intelligensia Coffee, Butternut Squash soup dotted with Creme Fraiche and Chives, Brussel Sprouts roasted until they are crunchy on the outside tossed with Cherrywood smoked bacon and Gingerbread-pumpkin ice cream sandwiches. (Gingerbread season starts October 1st for me…just can’t wait until December.) I think fall is my favorite “cooking” season, so I guess this is meant to be.

I will keep you updated with photos and information as construction continues!

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