Getting closer every day!


Our wrought iron gates arrived yesterday!

I just can’t believe how much has happened in a week! I flew to Minnesota to celebrate my husband’s birthday on Sunday, and arrived home on Wednesday to a new and improved Sweet Butter. When I left blistering, Sherman Oaks, my kitchen was empty and the side of the building was still boarded up. Upon my return to blistering, Sherman Oaks I was greeted with Sweet Butter’s wrought iron fence, a string of magical black lanterns AND a kitchen full of sexy equipment. I don’t know what turns me on more, the lanterns, the gate or the wolf range. Hmmmmmmm…..I need to think about that overnight.


String of lanterns. I love how the curlicue matches the "S" in our logo.


It was 114 degrees when this equipment was installed. Wish I had been there to bring the guys some homemade lemonade.

The Patio is really coming along too. I just can’t wait to fill it up with surprises! (Wait until you see how eclectic and bohemian-chic it’s going to look.)


Just the beginning of the transformation!

I have to insert this photo of my handsome hubby about make his birthday wish! Thanks to Mary Seidner for the best chocolate cake recipe in the world!! We will make this at Sweet Butter for sure! In fact, we welcome recipes from friends, family and neighbors. If they pass the Sweet Butter taste test….then they just might make it to our chalkboard menu.


Happy Birthday, Rick!

Tomorrow is October 1st! Yay!

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