Sweet Butter Progress

I would say this photo makes our progress official.


One must apply for a permit with the city to hang a sign. It took several weeks before this one was approved.

This is momentous. Did you know that you can’t just hang a sign in this town? You must apply for a permit. And….the permit people must approve the size, font, color and wording of such sign.

This particular sign took about two months from start to finish. So when it finally went up, I sighed a sigh of “sign” relief.

Have you seen our patio? It turned out even better than I imagined. How often does that happen? How about NEVER! So…what do you think? And this is bare….without our precious furniture.


A wall in the patio. So French, right? So needed in Sherman Oaks, right?

Here is another view of the patio. I just can’t get enough of it. The window sashes are all from Minnesota. My sweet husband packed them all gingerly in a crate and shipped them to me. And they all arrived perfect. Not a scrape or shred of broken glass.


This sash still has the price tag written on the glass! Come see for yourself!

Another view. :)


Cozy, right?

So you’re probably wondering when we’re opening, right? We’re just waiting for a couple inspections…and a must needed electric panel strong enough to run our La Marzocco Espresso machine. (I’m getting sick of all the building stuff…just want to start cooking!) Hang in there! It’s any day now!


We welcome you soon!


Sweet Butter

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