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A new toy for Sweet Butter!

Sweet Butter got a new toy today, and she is over the moon. It is called a Low Boy.


Our new Low Boy being tested for the first time!

I don’t know why it’s called that. Maybe cause it’s lower than a fridge and sassy like a boy. It’s sleek and shiny as the new bike you couldn’t wait to ride on as a kid. Okay…maybe I’m going overboard here, but I tell you, this new piece of kitchen equipment has our line cooks in an uproar. It looks good and it smells good and has all these perfect compartments to organize all our salad stuff in. Now salad making is going to be fun! Right, Evet?

Today we debuted our Chicken and Waffles. It was a resounding success. We didn’t know if anyone would order it, but they did!

The restaurant business is certainly not for the weary, it is hard work and the day never seems to be over. But the simplest things, like getting a new Low Boy, or watching our customers eat Chicken and Waffles makes us happy. How great is that?

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