Sweet Butter's First Official Delivery!


The Chef's Warehouse Truck!

The rumble of this truck gave me goosebumps!


Yummy goodies inside those boxes!

I wish I could remember the Delivery guy’s name. I was so excited to get my Dalmatia Fig Jam, Caper Berries, Yuzu Marmalade and Laura Chenel Goat Cheese that I totally forgot it!

This particular delivery was for a party I catered a couple weeks ago. Here is a pic of darling Liz about to dip the buttermilk soaked bite-size Jidori chicken into flour seasoned with sea salt, fresh ground pepper and a dash of cayenne. We served these on a silver platter with a ramekin of homemade Ranch Dressing. I know it’s not gourmet, but, let’s face it, who doesn’t love a piece of crunchy, fried chicken? I’ve loved fried chicken since I was a kid. Even Thomas Keller loves fried chicken…so there.


Happy Liz dipping buttermilk-soaked chicken into flour

Both my grandmothers were amazing cooks. My maternal grandmother was a savvy business women who had a vegetable garden outside her office. She loved to call food beautiful….especially vegetables…… And she was right. Food is beautiful.

Here is a Pic of my staff creating a beautiful still life of Mediterranean delights.


Beautiful food!

And one last pic of something beautiful and yummy. Sweet Butter’s out-of-this-world homemade lime tortilla chips with our very own guacamole. The perfect afternoon snack, right?


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