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Has it really been a week?

It has been a week since Sweet Butter opened her doors, but all those minutes, hours and days have just been a blur. I have been out of contact lens cleaner for five days, and the refrigerator at my house has never looked barer.

I had a feeling I would be busy, but I never knew it would be like this. The only thing that I can compare it to is having a baby. Except a baby takes naps and doesn’t require grease drums and 20-plus employees to change his diaper.

But then something wonderful happens, like a famous chef with a perfect French accent who visits your just-opened cafe and brings his family and has lunch and eats your Chicken Paillard and likes it enough to come back and teach your wonderful chefs how to make the PERFECT croque monsieur.

Ludo's Croque Monsieur

Thank you, Ludo!

We are crazy for Ludo!

So it has been a wonderful and emotional week. I never could have come this far without the help, hard work and creativity of so many people. All of us at Sweet Butter have become a family….and Sweet Butter has, in a way, become like another home for all of us.

Thank you Marla, Nan, Mia, Evet, Susie, Kaya, Irion, Roberto, Jacquie, Tamar, Paul, Georgia, Sophia, Karolyn, Taylor, Skylar, Diego, Frankie, Jose, Jeremy, Pablo, Dennis, Daniel, Nicholas, Javier and Clark.

You are Sweet Butter's foundation.


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